Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner Pro will clear the registry of errors and perform other types of system optimization that are not directly related to the registry. In addition to correcting errors, the program will help improve the performance of the PC as a whole.

Wise Registry Cleaner features

  • Cleaning the Windows registry manually and automatically;
  • Defragmenting, compressing the registry, cleaning erroneous entries to speed up applications;
  • Optimize and improve performance by tweaking your computer’s OS;
  • Planning to scan the registry and fix errors automatically;
  • Create Wise Registry Cleaner Portable through the menu.


  • Wise Registry Cleaner creates a registry backup and restore point after the first run, and only then scans the registry;
  • The tool splits the damaged records into categories, marks those that need to be restored;
  • In addition to cleaning, the program offers tuning of all key components of Windows in semi-automatic mode – you remove unnecessary checkboxes yourself;
  • The utility is very easy to use, it can also be configured to optimize on the calendar;
  • 99% of software tools are provided free of charge. Wise Registry Cleaner only requires a purchase if you plan to use it on an office working machine.


When downloading from the official developer hub or our site, some anti-virus products may interpret the utility as a malicious file. For the time being, Malwarebytes and AVG antiviruses, the creators of which compete with Wise in the system optimizers segment, have been spotted for this.

The Wise Regcleaner registry cleaner can clean the registry of incorrect, outdated entries, all sorts of garbage, but to achieve the best effect, it is better to use the utility in combination with Wise Disk Cleaner or as part of the Wise Care 365 package, which analyzes the system much better by a larger number of indicators.

Full description

Before starting the registry cleaning, the user can select the sections of interest. The search is fast, but it finds a large number of errors, the program notes the keys recommended for deletion, leaving controversial points to the user’s discretion. In addition to manually optimizing the registry, you can configure it to start automatically at any convenient time of day or when your PC is idle.

There are interesting options not related to registry cleaning. For example, you can optimize file system settings, isolate Windows Explorer processes for greater stability, optimize network connection settings and the operation of an SSD drive to extend its service life. You can optimize the size of the registry, during this operation, the system stops responding to any user actions. Utility Wise Registry Cleaner has a convenient update system and is distributed free of charge. Wise Registry Cleaner Professional differs only in the ability to use one copy on different PC accounts.

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